Saturday 9 January 2016

Living in Deadlock


Decided to blog more regularly, so that all three people who have a slight interest, can have a butchers as to what I'm up to. It'll be a mix of stuff, and will undoubtedly veer wildly depending on mental state.

First up, my first foray into the world of Bizarro, Celebrity Culture, is confirmed to be released on 29 February 2016. The cover was done by the excellent April Guadiana. I loved the cover she did for Adam Millard's superb Vinyl Destination, and along with the Doof Warrior image, (which adorns a t-shirt I frequently wear), have been looking to find a project to use her talents on, if you missed it, here it is:

The synopsis is: It's the thirteenth annual Lou Gehrig awards. Four B-list celebrity virologists vie to claim the Locked In Syndrome cup and get mulched down to form their disease for mass distribution.

A disease hipster takes centre stage on a night when a blast from the past threatens to turn his ordered, pus filled life upside down. In order to blow open a deep rooted conspiracy, he must team up with a disgraced one time child star who wants another shot at the big time, and clear his sullied name.

Together, they’re going to show people the real meaning of a meltdown.

The kindle version is ready for pre-order already, right here:


The digital version is at the princely price of 99p/$1.49, purely because my principle is that any novel I release will be £1.99/$2.99 and novellas will be cheaper, because quite simply, you get less words. The physical copies will be ready for preorder soon too.

I'm also 20k into the new book, now called 'Deadlock', it's about a chap who joins a crew on a jewellery heist, but ends up having to fight through hell. Early days yet, so still evolving, (I'm not much of a planner) but there are some pretty nasty bits in it already, might be my most gruesome writing to date. Provisionally, am aiming for a July release, so it ties in with our run of convention appearances.

Typically, I've also had another idea running around, it's gonna be a novella I reckon, and a touch of sci-fi in it. This is provisionally called 'The Entity', and will write it after the first draft of Deadlock is done.

Nothing quite like being busy huh? That's it for this week, I've just gotten off a Skype chat with the other Sinister Horror Company chaps, and this year is going to be MENTAL. Cannot wait for you to all see what we have in store for you.

Take it easy, and have a good one.


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