Saturday 23 January 2016

Get your ass to Mars


Hoping you are well and enjoying your weekend? Two weeks huh? What the Dickens have I been up to, well...

The novel, Deadlock was put on the naughty step, as I hit a brick wall on it. Think I was trying to write it too straight, if you've read my stuff, you know there is an element of humour in it, and looking back through it, it's missing, and my initial get up and go, well, went. hasn't been dead time. Whilst I reprimanded it, I started (and finished) an (as yet) unnamed novella. (More brackets? No) It's a sci-fi/horror story centred around the first manned mission to Mars. It's coming to the end of the trip, and the resident geologist, miffed that all she has discovered is egg smelling rock, sets off to the Galle crater. Whilst there, she makes a few revelatory discoveries.

Needless to say, things go a little awry, and the crew are forced to fight for their survival. The true history of not just Mars, but also our own planet is revealed, can the survivors stop the destruction of everything they know? If the Galle crater rings a bell, here's a little picture of it:

It's also referred to as the 'smiley face' crater, and fans of Watchmen will recognise it. Hey, if you want to set something on Mars, may as well reference one of the best comics/graphic novels of all time huh?

That needs to be edited, but I'm going to let it settle for a few weeks before I go back to it. There are so many potential little holes I could've missed, that I need some time away from it, before heading back.

I'll be getting back on Deadlock in the meantime, and already have the cover image formed in my head, and the dude in mind who will hopefully be able to bring it to life. More info on that when it has been formalised.

Elsewhere, I am over the moon to be part of Matt Shaw's Easter anthology 'Easter Eggs and Bunny Boilers'. The list of authors involved is a who's who of modern indie horror authors, to be in their company is pretty awe-inspiring, but also a little shit your pants scary. I've written the story for it, called 'Hey-Zeus', and that is currently off with Mr J.R. Park, to see what he makes of it. I don't want to give much away on it, but it's a retelling (of sorts) of the Easter story, just done my way.

You can pre-order it right now, it's Kindle only, but an absolute steal at 99p/cents;

Finally, the physical proof for Celebrity Culture is winging its way to me, and is now available on Amazon for pre-order. It's £4.99 in the UK: and $6.99 over in the US: I'm really looking forward to this being released, though will be a lot more low-key than my other books, not for any other reason than Bizarro is a niche market, and this will definitely not be to everyone's tastes. Not because of the content, but just because it is pretty out-there. Still, if you fancy seeing what my brain is capable of coming up with, please do.

I'm gonna get back to reading through Deadlock again, and try to get back into it. Really cannot wait for the books that should be winging their way out to people this year. Have a BONZER weekend, catch ya on the flipside.


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